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"I live in East London and work as a receptionist in a legal firm. I’m planning to start studying part-time for a degree in management this year. For me, modelling is really a fun hobby, but a way to earn extra money as well."

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Serendipity (cat)

"We’d been given a job for Rudi within a few days, and the same thing happened with Dippy. However, Georgie, our other cat, hasn’t had anything yet – obviously because the clients are looking for a certain size or colour."

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Baby Ruth

"Everyone has always said how pretty Ruth is – even people in the street. She’s got very big brown eyes and loads of curly Afro hair, which she’s had from birth."

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"My assignment took place on the last day of the three-day event. I had to deliver a monologue and then play the role of a nervous patient talking to a GP, who was played by a real doctor. "

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Baby Amelia

"For me, Amelia’s health and happiness always come first, and I was pleased that her safety was paramount, both for Models Direct and for the client. Everything we needed was provided, and it was a really nice, fun day."

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