Refinery Photography: Kleeneze brochure

Rudi, Model Ref: 224837, Model Fee: £90

Enrique, Model Ref: 195590, Model Fee: £90


Cats Rudi and Enrique got into the Christmas spirit early when they posed for a Kleeneze brochure. Here's what Rudi's owner said about the experience...

"Rudi, if he could speak, would say he enjoyed it - he was purring all the way through."

Models Direct represent a wide range of pets with modelling potential, so when a client contacted us on behalf of Kleeneze, the direct-selling cleaning products franchise, we knew we could give them exactly what they were looking for.

When this particular job came through, a small white dog and a pretty cat were required – for a photoshoot the very next day! Our assignments team went straight to work locating the perfect pets ready for the shoot, which took place in Manchester the following afternoon.

The pets selected were Enrique, a two-year-old Havanese pedigree pup from Leeds, and Rudi, an eight-month-old Blue Colourpoint Ragdoll cat from Cheshire. Rudi's owner, Joanne, was particularly pleased to hear from our team, having signed her pet up to Models Direct just one day earlier.

Both the pets and their owners really enjoyed their assignment. Owner Joanne felt her pretty kitty had enjoyed her experience with Models Direct as much as she had. "If Rudi could speak, he would say he enjoyed it - he was purring all the way through!" she says. "We were made to feel extremely comfortable, and it was a very friendly atmosphere. The photographers said they were impressed with Rudi."

Enrique's owner Julie also felt that the assignment went well. "It was very professional, well-organised and fun." Julie was also really pleased as the assignment meant she would receive some professional photos of the handsome pup.

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